“Anxiety and New Therapeutic Ways to Approach!

How You Can Decrease Anxiety within Ten Minutes

First, Generalized Anxiety disorder also referred to as (GAD) is a chronic and can be impairing to the person that is experiencing it.  According  to the Diagnostic Statistical manual Generalized Anxiety Disorder falls into a category that is different from Panic disorder or Social Anxiety.

A. Excessive worry occurring more dates than not for at least six months , about a number of events( such as work or school performance).

B. The person finds it difficult to control their worry.

C. The anxiety and worry are associated with three (or more) of the six symptoms with at least present for more days than not for the last six months.

1. Restlessness or feeling keyed up.

 2. Being easily fatigued

3.Difficulty concentrating and mind going blank.

4. Irritability or frustration.

5.  Muscle tension


The duration of anxiety is discussed  frequently, and it can be an indicator of other mental health disorders such as depression or substance abuse.  Having a good assessment and qualified mental health worker can increase the chances of a quicker and faster recovery rate.

 Treatment For Anxiety

Treatment is the key to almost all mental disorders and having the family involved makes it easier for recovery. Learning new coping skills can alleviate anxiety and increase self-esteem. This is a process and it takes time to master new skills. Be easy on yourself and remember that you are learning a new way to cope with life.  Anxiety is an emotion which can make you feel powerless and lower your self-esteem at school or a job. The” good news” there are treatments that are very effective.  There is a choice of cognitive behavioral therapy along with medication therapy. Also, there are natural ways such as doing yoga, Tai Chi, and exercise to reduce  anxiety. The choice of therapy is usually collaborated with a professional that is experienced in the field of mental health. Working with a family member and having peer support can help you relate and understand anxiety.

So Remember!!! TIPS

Working together  and advocateing  for this mental illness to get reach higher people so treatment can be funded. .Deciding the type of treatment that is right for you depends on the severity of anxiety,  and how you want to treat it. Remember, you have the choice to your treatment. Tips to decrease anxiety:

  • Work with professional in mental health on anxiety treatment.  Discuss different treatments that include talk therapy, alternative methods, and medication.
  • Stay connected to your community or peers. Having a network can help you when tough times occur.
  • Distraction is another tool that can help you in the moment to change the way you are experiencing anxiety
  • Exercise can help the body release unnecessary stress.
  • Mediation is a way to decrease stress by paying particular attention in the moment.

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