Commmunication Styles and How to use them.

    Communications and Relationships

Relationships can be difficult enough, but when communication is the issue there are way to improve the likelihood of successful relationships. The different is the interaction between two people who connect on a level that can cause health, well-being, and support.  So what happens in the exchange of communication between two people is imperative in a healthy relationship to become effective and loving.

Talking about a simple idea  can irate a person if they just walked in from work or just had a long day. Timing is  important when you choose to communicate with others. Relationships include lovers, co-workers, bosses, and parents. Having a good sense when a person is open and will be able to take in what you are communicating is important for the outcome. empathy is another big one that also can help the timing of discussing issues with your mate or friend. Adding some humor to a conversation can sometimes break the ice for people to put their guards down and start communicating effectively.

There are different kind of communicators and this is important for good communication to take place. Using a technique that is used in communication classes and anger management is” Set aside time for one person to speak without being interrupted: Second, allow that person to get his/her emotions and feelings out, and then the next person does the same. This type of communication allows each party to have a chance to speak and listen. Styles of communication include Passive aggressive style which is when someone uses slurs or communicates with a sarcastic edge. The aggressive part is usually their lack of communication skills healthy.  An interaction between a husband and a wife can easily get heated if the person starts blaming, and that’s why I prefer that one speaks at a time. Next, when you are expressing yourself use I because this makes the other person less defensive and comes across less threatening. Having good eye contact is key to good communication, and letting the other person know you love them and you are not there to degrade or harm them.  Another type of communication that is not healthy is loading which is using some of the past hurts and fights to factor into this argument. Quickly the other person shuts down, and becomes defensive and nothing is accomplished. There are ways to effectively communicate with your partners.

Are the Doors of Communication Open? 

So  how can we mitigate a situation that starts out going well, and then turns into a shouting match?  First, remember timing is the key to communicate with your partner. Second, if your partner is tired or not feeling well that is not the time to strike up an important conversation. Wait for a time that is relaxing or he/she is just in a good mood. Finding the right time is how communication that is expressed will be heard and there will be less resistance  to listen.  Letting someone in takes patience and persistence, and using an empathetic approach can help to lessen the anger. Listening is a skill that takes time and patience to do correctly, ” Active listening ” is the term that means listening with attention and processing what is being said in what context.
Take Home Message For Listeners and Communicators:

1.  Listen with intention and pay attention to what your partner is saying.

2.  Listen without judgment  means to Hear what your partner is saying to you without putting your emotions into the equation! Example. Do not think about what you are going to make for dinner. Be [resent in the moment.

3.  If you do not understand a point your partner is making, Ask a question, make it clear to you partner that you are hear to listen and be empathetic, caring, and display Love.



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