How Can We silence the Inner Critic?

                                                                          Critical Voice and How to Silence Its Negativity

The pathological critic was termed by psychologist Eugene Sagen.  The critic is the voice that we hear in our heads that can  or most of the time it was the critical voice that parents display when they are disappointed or angry with their children. If a child is spanked for a particular reason that child can internalize this as “Being Bad” instead teaching the child and  to him/her  their is a miscommunication in the child’s brain that can make him feel less then or wrong. The question that plagues many psychologists and parents are how to appropriately punish our children?

The critic blames everything that goes wrong. The critic sets impeccable standards that impossible to lie up to or meet. If t the best at something the critic will call you names and make you feel ashamed or weak .The pathologic critic is busy making sure that you feel horrible for not living up to the standards that are placed on you.  The voice becomes part of your everyday life and participation, employment, the inner critic is there to judge you effortlessly.The critic is someone that resides in our mind deep within our subconscious and surfaces when we are about perform a critical task that we are not sure of, the negative voice in our head that tells us we are not good enough.  Self esteem and the critical voice are how it is affected in us.  The inner critic interrupts your closest relationships in adulthood, by hearing the negative talk that your parents said to you. Parents may say some think   Example.  Don’t run into the street because you will get hurt, which seems practical , but a little child ages three to four years old  could interpret the message as being bad if he runs in the street. As parents we know that running in the street our child could get hurt, but the child doesn’t understand this concept unless we explain it in children’s language.

Being able to decipher the difference between our thoughts and the inner critic can be tricky, but it can be done if you are willing to work towards loving yourself. Listening to the voice in your head that says negative things about you is not productive. These intrusive thoughts can be stopped with mediation and silence. Also, if the thoughts are very intrusive working with a clinical therapist can help discover the source. Learning to love ourselves is important and you need to realize we all have thoughts in our head, but the ability to listen to the positive thoughts will make a difference in the happiness we have. Any thoughts or comments Email me or leave a comment……Thanks Lori


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