Living In Presence!

I was listening to a radio station that is usually on in the mid afternoon and it discusses medical studies and different types of practical living. I began to understand that Fear is the motivator for most people, and in my life fear seemed to take the wheel of some of my decisions. I remember a time when I was afraid to talk to my colleagues about my opinions or anything. When you allow fear to take over your life it is not living fully and openly. At this time in my life I wasn’t ready to hear that I was stubborn and full of anxiety, but in time I learned how to make my life better than I ever thought I could by changing my negative thinking.

How can fear limit your possibilities and what can YOU do to stop it dead in its tracks? Making decisions are hard enough, but if you are basing it on the fear you have it probably won’t be the right decision. Living a life full of fear can minimize how happy you are. There are two types of fear one is the type that is surface like your afraid to talk to someone at a party. The other is a deep-seated fear EXample. Fear of failing. Fear of being alone. Although fears can sometimes seem debilitating there are are ways to improve your life and get past your fears. First thing is to accept your fears and not deny they exist, and then slowly work towards setting a list of goals how to overcome them. Believe me taking small steps in overcoming your fears is better than doing nothing.Taking Baby steps is a good way to get started and overcoming fear.


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