How Can Fear Scare the Pants off of You?

How Can Fear Scare the Pants of Of you?” Bu Lori English, MSW, LSW
Do you think living Fear is driving you crazy. Many people don’t realize the reasons that make decisions out of a FEAR BASED . If a decision or lack of a decision many people can stay stuck in whatever the problem is they fear.
Three things you can do to reduce fear without are living in the present moment.  Accepting
that you are afraid of something and try to use a strategy called non-resistance.
I could go through all the aspects of fear, but I am sure you know what they are. Remember we all have fears …
Here’s an example of a fear that I had for many years was the fear of public speaking. I chose jobs that were not linked to a lot of talking, and that made my fear of public speaking worse .I finally met my fears when I went to college and had to speak in public and do many presentations I finally realized that running from my fear made it that much bigger. I base my life on the experienced I have had and the life choose to lead with my educational background. However, before I was educated I had to learn everything the hard way, and I mean I was full of fear and anxiety. Now, I help people overcome their obstacles one day at a time. If I can come to a place of peace I encourage others to do the same.
Living a Fear Based life can stop you from making the right decisions, and believe me from experience in the life and the mental health field. Lori’s Little lessons.


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