Emotions and Differences from Thoughts”

I thought this is a really coo pic that I use to get in touch with people and their emotions . I used this for myself in a supervision way. How many times do you say I am really pissed off? when actually you are feeling hurt or pain, there are many layers of emotions and I will post how to deal and develop a coping mechanism that can help you deal with powerful emotional responses. One example. The person or family member that always pushes your buttons no matter how hard you try to stay calm. Before I learned coping mechanisms I was full of anger and pain, but now I can teach and help people realize their patterns and how to change them for the best. This is an emotional hectagon..
LEAVE me a message or question and I will definitely get back to you! Tell me what you need to work on and I will give you suggestions. ( Have a good night, and remember to take a deep breath when that persona tries to rumble your feathers.


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