Lesson One Of the day

Image      Hi Gang, Hope everyone is all ready for the weekend!!! What do you do to relax I say some of us want to go out with our friends and have a good time, and others that are more introverted love to put the PJ’ S on and read a good book. So, My question is  you how do you relax?  Alone or with someone by your side. Relax by yourself by the beach or with someone you love? Having down time makes it easier to work during the week. So , I ask you all to leave me a comment what you do to relax and have fun? Sometimes I cook and it seems to help me wine down from the job  stress. De stressing is so important for our minds and our bodies as well. A study was done at the college of Massachusetts suggests that people that relax more on the weekend. My favorite type of cooking is pasta with vegetables.. As a matter fact I am trying Kale which is a vegetable that is very healthy for you and contains a lot of minerals . Another type of relaxing hobble I picked up was gardening flowers and herbs which I find very relaxing. Whatever you do for relaxation text me or leave me a message! Lori’ Little Lessons..


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