A Feeling or a Fleeting Moment ” What is Happinesss To You?


       Happiness and You !

Ok Gang, Another one of thought provoking dialogues that I want your opinions and no-how’s have a lot of experience in the field of happiness and depression, but this is truly about you guys. I want to take a poll about what YOU think makes you happy. Is happiness something that you feel or is it intangible. Can you touch happiness’s with your hands or feel it with your heart?

The first question I am looking for your input is what makes you happy? Is it the weather outside is nice and you are with friends and family? Does your animals make you feel happy such as your pit bull or your calico cat? Ok then, Here is what I read about happiness and will relay the results to you ” Happiness means different things to different   people, but it is definitely a feeling that you may get often or sometimes. So in the New York  Times Journal ” the author write about happiness and is it controlled by our genes or do we have a hand in the outcome”. There are new and exciting results that state control of emotions starts with the prefrontal-cortex so yes we do have some control over our feelings and the reactions that we have to others.”

    Time For THE Big Kahuna

  1.    Do you think you can make yourself happy by external things? Example. Buying a new car, going on a Caribbean vacation , or buying great clothes. There is no right or wrong answer I am just interested in what you think !!! So at the end  of this poll give me you opinions!!  
  2. Does my happiness come from another person?
  3. Is my happiness coming and going?

.      Be as specific as you can no answer is wrong or right……Everyone is different!



3 thoughts on “A Feeling or a Fleeting Moment ” What is Happinesss To You?

  1. Great set of questions! Here goes…
    1. Happiness from external things tends to be fleeting. The super, new car soon gets to feel like the ‘usual’ car very quickly!

    2. Happiness comes from within. Even if someone else appears to be making us happy, it’s really our own response to them that we feel.

    3. Happiness naturally comes and goes. But we can choose to have a more positive outlook, for instance, by finding time for gratitude.

    1. Steve thank you kindly for answering my questions so honestly. I appreciate your outlook and this makes me so happy to know that you are so aware of your feelings. Thank You Kindly! Lori English…I am going to check your blog out, too.. (:

    2. Lori

      Hey Steve. I Loved the comments. I am now on Lorislittlelessons.com. Please follow me and I will follow you, too. I want to keep in touch with my friends . Thanks!
      Lorislittlelessons.com…All the best to YOU!

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